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Products::Target sights::CKE-1ND collimator target sight

The CKE-1ND collimator target sight is intended for solving the task of a missile meeting its target and for directing the gunfire of ZUR-23KG guns when combating airborne targets flying at the maximum speed of 500 m/sec manoeuvring with their course, speed or moving with uniform, straight-line motion. The CKE-1ND collimator target sight enables also firing at stationary targets and ground-situated targets moving at low speeds.

The CKE-1ND collimator target sight is equipped with a night vision track, azimuth and elevation angle indicators and a laser rangefinder.

Th night vision track enables simultaneous projection of a movable sight mark and an image from the night vision module on the semitransparent panel.

The laser rangefinder determines current distance from the target up to 6000 m.

The CKE-1ND is additionally equipped wth a ringed-shaped (rakurs) target sight.

The CKE-1ND programmable target sight cooperates with the KOBRA system.

Basic tactical and technical data

Optical system magnifying power 1x
Night Vision module magnifying power 1x
Executable aiming angle 0 ÷ 2,5o
Total angle of allowance in azimuth plane (daylight sight) 36o
Total agle of allowance (night vision sight) 12o
Detection (noticing) a target during the night:

single soldier

off-road vehicle


600 m

1500 m

2500 m
Range of distances entered:

by means of the manual switch

by means of the switch pedal


2 ÷ 30 hm

10 hm

2 ÷ 30 hm
Range of distance measurement by the laser rangefinder 3 ÷ 60 hm
Setting of main direction azimuth manually
Setting of main direction elevation manually
Range of indicated azimuth angle 0 ÷ 5999
Range of indicated elevation angle 0 ÷ 1499
Power supply 12 ± 2 V

Basic tactical
and technical data:

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