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The CKE-2I collimator target sight is intended for solving the task of a missile meeting its target and for directing the gunfire of ZUR-23KG guns when combating airborne targets flying at the maximum speed of 500 m/sec manoeuvring with their course, speed or moving with uniform, straight-line motion. When tracing the target, the sight automatically calculates the angle of allowance and aiming angle, thus it is only required to set the distance (either automatically by means of the range-finder or manually by the gun-layer himself).

The CKE-2I collimator target sight enables also firing at stationary targets and ground-situated targets moving at low speeds. It makes it possible to fire using both OF and BZT ammunition as well as the calibrated ones (after having chosen the appropriate ballistics).

The CKE-2I collimator target sight is equipped with azimuth and elevation angle indicators which allow the gun-layer to set zero along any selected direction. Additionally, it is also provided with an emergency ring-shaped target sight, which when the basic target sight system fails enables further directing the gunfire.

Basic tactical and technical data

Optical system magnifying power 1x
Executable angle of allowance 0 ÷ 20o
Executable aiming angle 0 ÷ 1,5o
Range of distances entered:

by means of the manual switch

by means of the switch pedal


15, 20 hm

10 hm

2 ÷ 30 hm
Setting of main direction azimuth Outer system
Setting of main direction elevation Outer system
Power supply 12 ± 2 V
Sight weight ≤ 14 kg
Power consumption max 30 W

Basic tactical
and technical data:

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