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Products::Target sights::CP-1 Programmable target sight

The CP-1 programmable target sight is intended for directing the gunfire of the ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft guns as well as anti-aircraft rocket-artillery sets (e.g. ZUR-23-2KG).

The CP-1 target sight together with azimuth and elevation converter sets incorporated into the gun set, as well as with drive systems of that gun, create integrated, simplified system of directing gunfire.

The solutions applied in the CP-1 programmable target sight enable projection of any information in the text form of text and graphics that is superimposed on the picture observed by the gun-layer.

The target sight is equipped with:

night vision track that enables simultaneous projection of a movable sight mark and an image from the night vision module on the semitransparent panel;

impulse laser rangefinder determining current distance from the target up to 8 km;

12-channel GPS receiver;

built-in autonomic trainer with three three-dimensional target movement models.

The target sight provides a linkage between the set and the command systems of anti-aircraft warfare, as well as other systems of directing gunfire, with the use of real-time digital data transmission.

The CP-1 programmable target sight cooperates with the REGA system.

Basic tactical and technical data

Optical system magnifying power 1x
Maximum angle of allowance (daylight sight) 36o
Maximum angle of allowance (night vision sight) 12o
Executable aiming angle 6o
Detection (noticing) a target during the night:

single soldier

off-road vehicle


600 m

1500 m

2500 m
Range of distances entered:

by means of the laser rangefinder

by means of the remote switch

by means of the manual switch

5 ÷ 80 hm

2 ÷ 24 hm

0 ÷ 100 hm
Setting of main direction azimuth manually
Range of indicated azimuth angle 00-00 ÷ 59-99
Power supply 12 V
Number of applied ballistics 2
Maximum speed of the intercepted targets max 350 m/s
Number of GPS's channels 12

Basic tactical
and technical data:

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